Fallen Hero?

In Cyber just how do you recognise the goodies from the baddies? This was a question we asked ourselves just ahead of the global rollout of our Cyber Awareness Courses.  It seemed to us, as we stated in our previous blog, that a 22 year old young man, from South West England, was something of an accidental hero.  However, only  a few short months after being credited with solving a major global cyber problem, and probably averting a much bigger set of cyber disasters; our hero was reported as having been arrested for allegedly creating and distributing a malware programme designed to steal sensitive financial data. So, the big question is how do you tell the goodies from the baddies? Especially when the good guy was allegedly also a bad guy? It seems a sad waste of a clearly talented young individual to negate all the great work he did by allegedly undertaking unlawful activity using the very same set of skills and talent. We said in the previous blog that the heroic act of solving the WannaCry issue would not be his only ’10 minutes of fame’.   Little did we think that he would be ‘infamous’ within a few short months.


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